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Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Looking for Adjustable Rate Mortgages?

Do you prefer regular mortgage payments with no surprises? Plan on staying in your home for a long time?

Fixed-Rate Mortgages offer:

  • Predictable payments
    There are fixed monthly payments for the life of the loan.
  • Protection from rising interest rates
    For the life of the loan-- no matter how high market interest rates go up-- your rate remains the same.
  • Rate lock options
    You can lock in the mortgage interest rate during the construction period for up to one year, with the opportunity to secure a lower rate if rates decline.
  • Faster equity growth
    In comparison to other mortgage options such as ARMs and Balloon Mortgages

Best for people who:

  • Prefer regular payments with no surprises
  • Are on limited or fixed incomes
  • Plan to stay in their homes a long time
  • Are purchasing or refinancing at a time when interest rates are comparatively low

Fixed-rate mortgages (also known as F.R.Ms) offer the same interest rate, monthly principal and interest payment throughout the entire term of the loan.'s Home Mortgage Dept. offers a variety of terms in both government conforming and jumbo loan amounts. The longer the term, the lower the monthly payments and the more cash you'll have for other expenses. With a shorter term, you'll have higher monthly payments and you'll qualify for a smaller loan amount, but you'll save on interest costs over the life of the loan and build your equity faster. The fixed-rate mortgage loan is the "traditional" choice and is still the most popular because it offers stability and predictable monthly payments.

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